Delight in Smooth, Hair-Free Skin with My Waxing Treatments in South West London

Utilising both strip wax and hot wax, you can find the hair removal method that suits you best at Waax'd In in South West London. Before you book an appointment, make sure you check out my variety of waxing treatments below, including eyebrows as well as intimate waxing techniques.

Plenty of Hair Removal Options 

With numerous waxing options available, I can cater to your exact needs as a highly qualified beautician. When you desire skin that’s completely fuzz-free, my salon is the place that promises you a soft and smooth canvas.

All waxing is carried out in my premises in South West London.


Take a look at my reasonable rates below before making a booking. Full-body waxing is available on request, so please get in touch for further information.

Please note that you must not be shaved to ensure the best results during waxing.

Strip WaxHot Wax
Eyebrow Tidy Up£12£14
Eyebrow Re-Shape£14£16
Upper lip£10£12
Lower lip £10£12
Full Face (Eyebrows Not Incl.)£36£40
Full Face and Neck (Eyebrows Not Incl.)£46£50
Strip WaxHot WaxDuration
Full Arms£24N/A15mins
Half Arms£18N/A10mins
4/3 Arms£20N/A10mins
Hands and Fingers£10£1210mins
Full Legs£32N/A25mins
Lower Legs£20N/A15mins
Upper Legs£24N/A15mins
3/4 Legs£28N/A15mins
Feet and Toes£10£1210mins
Bikini Line£16£2010mins
Extended Bikini Line£22£2410mins
Hollywood £40£4225mins
Butt Cheeks£16£2010mins
Navel Line£8£1010mins
Upper Back£16£2010mins
Lower Back£16£2010mins
Full Back£28£3620mins
Strip WaxHot Wax
Eyebrow Tidy Up£16£18
Eyebrow Re-Shape£20£22
Cheeks Line£22£26
Nape (Neck Line)£22£26
Strip WaxHot WaxDuration
Full Arms£26£3020mins
Half Arms£16£2015mins
4/3 Arms£20£2415mins
Hands and Fingers£10£1210mins
Full Legs£36£4030mins
Upper Legs£26£3020mins
Lower Legs£22£2820mins
3/4 Legs£30£3620mins
Feet and Toes£10£1210mins
Full Front (incl. Chest, Stomach and Lower Belly)£54£6225mins
Upper Back£26£3015mins
Lower Back£26£3015mins
Full Back, Neck and Shoulders£56£6225mins
Strip WaxHot WaxDuration
Front Only (Incl. Scrotum and Public Triangle)£54£5835mins
Boyzilian (Incl. Scrotum, Bikini Line, Butt Crack, and Front Hair Trimmed)£60£6640mins
Hollywood (Incl. Scrotum, Groin, Bikini Line and Butt Crack)£66£7045mins
Butt Crack£20£2415mins
Butt Cheeks£26£3015mins

Before Waxing for men and women:-

If you have been shaving, hair removal cream and epilator allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks or 1/4inch of hair growth. Stay out of the sun 24 hours before you wax. Also avoid tanning beds (which we never condone) because they have the same effect.

Avoid the use of skin products with AHA'A, BHA'S and retinas several days before your waxing treatment as these acids remove the outer layer of skin which can cause discomfort. Don't apply self-tanners, body sprays, deodorants and other topical creams 3 days before your appointment.

No Hot tubs, no taming beds and saunas before your treatment avoid Exfoliate the area gently 24 hrs before your appointment will remove the dead skin cells and allow for a cleaner wax don't take ibuprofen or any other blood thinner before waxing, you are more at risk for Brushing.

We offers a nice selection of exfoliating products to help you maintain your wax and eliminate in growing. Try our Ingrowing hair, numbs/breakouts serums and sugar scrubs.

Interested in My Waxing Treatments?

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